4 Reasons for Dental Crowding

Hi, Dr George here from Delight Dental Spa in Mascot, Sydney.

Do you feel like you have more crowded teeth as you get older? Did you know that it’s likely to continue getting worse if you don’t treat it?

This is the exact question I got asked yesterday by Mark, our new Invisalign patient from Little Bay. He asked me, “Hey Bisboy, why are my teeth getting crowded over time? They never looked like this before!” So today, I thought I’ll do a short video to help you understand why your teeth are getting crowded as you age, and whether you should fix them.

4 Reasons For Dental Crowding In Mascot, Sydney In Delight Dental Spa

There are several factors that can contribute to Dental Crowding.



As we grow older, our teeth tend to move very slowly over time, which can lead to them becoming a bit crowded or overlapping at the front. Ever noticed that some elderly people, or maybe someone who ditched their retainers post-braces, have overlapping bottom teeth? That’s because teeth are always on the move!


The size of your jaw

If it’s on the smaller side, then your teeth are more likely to squeeze together. Or the cause can sometimes be the previous removal of a tooth, either in adulthood or childhood. Think of teeth like books on a shelf. If you pull one out, the others can tilt and become disorderly.


The size of your teeth

Some people naturally have especially large teeth or maybe just one or two that are larger than the rest. This can also contribute to dental crowding.


You might be wondering - what about wisdom teeth?

Can their presence cause other teeth to crowd? Well, opinions are divided on this. Some believe it is true, while others regard it as a myth. But, if wisdom teeth obstruct the alignment of other teeth, we do consider removing them. In some cases, we might even need to move the teeth backward, and that’s when extracting wisdom teeth becomes necessary.

However, wisdom teeth are not a definitive cause of crowding, but it does worry a lot of people. Many feel pressure if their wisdom tooth grows sideways, and this pressure could translate into concern and discomfort. Some individuals even choose to get them removed as a precaution. After all, who wants to risk a straight set of teeth they’ve worked so hard to achieve?

So there you have it. These are some of the reasons why teeth might crowd over time.

If you want to look at what your options are to fix your crowded or crooked teeth, we would love to help.

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